The new Barilla custom trade show exhibit is an extension of the custom trade show exhibit that EDE constructed in 2003.  The evolution of the space opened up the custom exhibit while creating unique areas within the space to accommodate how Barilla works.  Upon entering the exhibit, attendees saw the unique product displays that allowed very simple graphic replacement, modular shelving and product lighting.  Transitioning to the center of the space, visitors found a custom created hardwood floor and large stainless steel kitchen that allowed the exhibit to maintain its cleanliness while looking modern and fresh.  The space also included quite a few experiential areas with iPads describing the meals of the day on the center tables and LED monitors to showcase Barilla products the company's history.  The back of the trade show exhibit was made to function as a high end restaurant to allow a more private sampling of the Barilla flavors.  This custom trade show exhibit extended the idea of the original exhibit by improving the flow and organization and maximizing the strength of the Barilla brand.