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An Award-Winning Introduction of the NEW FORTNA brand to the world at ProMat 2023!

ProMat was the introduction of the new FORTNA brand to the world after the acquisition of MHS. This was FORTNA’s brand launch!

The goals for ProMat were simple:

  • Showcase the visual styles and product lines of the new FORTNA brand.
  • Create a new and exciting concept that would not be seen anywhere on the show floor.
  • Design an exclusive look and feel, drive curiosity, and build excitement to find out what’s new and next.
  • Design a space and flow to tell the story of FORTNA. Where FORTNA is now, their offerings, and the shift into the future.
Fortna Logo

Showcase of Fortna’s 40×110 exhibit at the 2023 ProMat Show. A contained experience making it feel exclusive from its large structures showing off the brand while maximizing the impact of the footprint.

The solution to tell FORTNA’s story was to create a booth as a contained experience.

Making it feel exclusive to maximize the impact of the space. It made you want to know what’s happening on the inside. The experience brings you through the full identity, capabilities, and what FORTNA can deliver. It brings attention and is a great marketing tool!

Fortna - 40x110 - ProMat 2023 - exhibit entrance

Welcome to FORTNA!

The entrance was an ode to the new logo. A larger-than-life interpretation of the FORTNA “A” and the movement forward with their logo mark. The start of the attendee journey began with the first step into the A! As attendees walked into the space, they were welcomed by two massive screens.


Stop, collaborate, and listen…to FORTNA’s Material Handling solutions.

Each screen focused on a specific aspect of FORTNA’s solutions. At the first screen, attendees learned about the software side of FORTNA’s digital solutions.

The second screen spoke to the mechanical operation of FORTNA’s conveyor belts, material handling robots, and industry partnerships.

While both of these areas were giant structures with LED walls, as you turn the corner each section contains its own semi-private meeting area to dive deeper into each topic. Covering both the physical and digital offerings of FORTNA while creating a comfortable atmosphere for attendees to ask questions and learn more.

Fortna - 40x110 - ProMat 2023 - exhibit entrance

Reinforcing innovation at every step!

A translucent LED screen welcomed guests into each of the meeting rooms, reinforcing that innovation was embedded within every aspect of FORTNA’s offerings. The last part of the exhibit was a MASSIVE 13-foot by 20-foot translucent LED screen. It was used to speak to the future of FORTNA. The goals, objectives, and the forward motion of the company.


Did you see it?

The entrance was an ode to the FORTNA “A”, but did you see the secondary giant FORTNA “A”? In the rear of the space, the entrance to the lounge and a way to pull FORTNA’s brand standards all the way through the space. (Check the first photo connecting the path from the entrance to the back!)



Paying homage to the past.

Fortna can’t show up to ProMat without paying homage to the award-winning MHS speakeasy of the past! Behind the translucent LED screen was a lounge where food and drinks were served all day. This space was designed to match the modern look of the Fortna brand.

There’s nothing like a place for attendees to wind down, connect, and strengthen relationships.

Oh, and did we mention the lasers? Above the booth, in front and back, there were lasers shooting across the space to reinforce the new Fortna logo and textures everywhere attendees moved!

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