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Unleash the Monster:

Electrifying NACS 2023

After a stellar collaboration at NACS 2022, Monster Energy and EDE swung for the fences again in 2023, aiming not just to hit another homerun but to knock it out of the park with a grand slam. And they delivered.
Monster Energy — notorious for its bold, in-your-face marketing — stormed NACS 2023 with an ambition to rule the expo floor. Showcasing all 12 segments of its brand empire, Monster didn’t just aim for MVP status — it snatched it with both hands, proving once again that when it comes to making waves, nobody does it quite like Monster.




Enhance Visitor Engagement: The mission? Turbocharge foot traffic into a frenzy of interaction within the exhibit, guaranteeing an unforgettable, adrenaline-fueled brand experience.

Showcase the Monster Universe: From the iconic energy drink to every last one of its brand segments, Monster Energy aimed to flex the full might of its diverse and dynamic range.

Showcase of Fortna’s 40×110 exhibit at the 2023 ProMat Show. A contained experience making it feel exclusive from its large structures showing off the brand while maximizing the impact of the footprint.


Seamless Digital Storytelling: The ambitious vision was to weave together a tapestry of digital elements that would sing in harmony, portraying Monster’s raw, unapologetic ethos with every pixel.

Captivate the Crowd: After a perimeter-focused approach in 2022, the new challenge was to lure attendees deeper into the Monster lair, enveloping them in a 360-degree brand experience that goes beyond the can.


Magnetic Display Innovation

Imagine a colossal LED display wall, pulsating with life, showcasing Monster’s 12 brand segments with such magnetic charisma that it defied physics. Thanks to EDE’s wizardry — since fixing shelves to LED panels is seemingly impossible — EDE used 150lb magnets to affix a dozen floating shelves to this digital canvas, each one showcasing a brand-family of cans.

Iconic LED Can

A custom-fabricated 14-foot-tall LED can, proportionate to a 16oz Monster Energy can was rigged in the center of the exhibit and served as a striking visual landmark within the booth. In sync with the video content throughout the space, the can transformed cycled through the various brand offerings.

Central Tasting Bar

A 24-foot circular tasting bar beneath the LED video can acted as the hub for social and business interaction, drawing visitors into the heart of the Monster Energy experience.

Digital Symphony

The booth throbbed with synchronized digital content, from the overhead screens and display wall to the monstrous LED can and accent lighting. This wasn’t just an exhibit — it was a digital beast, roaring with Monster’s energy. Each detail was strategic, precise, and interconnected in a masterclass of digital integration.

Monster’s Domains

The booth was a mosaic of brand zones, each a standalone universe, yet all tethered to the heart of Monster Energy, showcasing the brand’s eclectic DNA.

Motocross Racing Simulators

Highlighting Monster Energy’s racing sponsorships, the exhibit featured a pair of motocross bikes for attendees to compete in a heart-pounding racing experience that plunged attendees into the heart of Monster’s speed-fueled world.

Translucent LED Majesty

The perimeter of the booth was marked by a continuous, cutting-edge translucent LED wall with the dual purpose of giving the space a sense of gravity while keeping the interior open and welcoming. Wrapping the booth in a seamless LED embrace, this feature gave the space a pulse that was impossible to ignore, inviting visitors into Monster’s realm with open arms.

Exclusive Second-Story Deck

A 20-by-15-foot second-story oasis offered a birds-eye view of the action below and provided a 21+ tasting station dedicated to Monster’s alcoholic offerings. Access was controlled by an automatic LED door system — one of the first of its kind. Staffers unlocked the vault using RFID keycards, adding an exclusive high-tech touch to the experience.


The Monster Energy exhibit at NACS 2023 was a roaring success. The innovative use of space and technology not only showcased the brand’s diverse range but also provided memorable interactive experiences for visitors. With its brazen design and electrifying energy, it captured the brand’s rebel spirit and offered an interactive playground that left visitors buzzed with excitement. From the dazzling LED spectacle to the immersive brand zones and high-octane simulators, the exhibit embodied Monster Energy’s ethos of living life at full throttle.

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