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Juniper Networks Draws Attendees with Innovation and Keeps Them with Engagement

When Juniper Networks wanted to elevate their presence at RSA, EDE delivered with
a couldn’t-miss transparent LED hanging sign that lured attendees inside and then kept them engaged with killer content.


  • Position Juniper Networks as a thought leader in the industry.
  • Showcase how their technologies seamlessly integrate into daily life.
  • Bring the brand to life through dynamic graphics and a flawless design.
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A transparent LED header drew traffic with its immense size and data-driven messaging.

The booth featured a 20-by-20-foot canopy that was visible from across the exhibition hall. One side utilized transparent LED technology to display data-driven messaging, while the other three sides displayed vibrant fabric-printed graphics. It’s hard to overstate the impact of the element.

Elevating thought leadership.

At the forefront of the space, Juniper Networks had a large theater space with comfortable seating where industry leaders and product experts delivered presentations. This area was a hub of activity, drawing in crowds and fostering engagement through insightful discussions and interactions.

Demos on demand.

Adjacent to the theater space, the booth included a dedicated demo area. Here, attendees dove into the details of Juniper’s products with knowledgeable staffers. This experience allowed visitors to explore the benefits of Juniper’s solutions in minute detail.

Massive Impact!

The combination of a unique translucent LED hanging sign, interactive elements, and expert-led presentations made Juniper Networks’ booth one of the highlights of RSA 2023. The exhibit exemplifies how innovative booth design and engaging content can effectively boost a company’s position in the industry.

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