Exhibit Program Management

Exhibit and Trade Show Shipping + Logistics

Have you seen my trade show booth?

EDE’s Shipping Methodology

Don’t try to recreate the wheel!

You don’t hear much about trade show shipping, but a lot goes into making sure your trade show shows up on time and in one piece!


The key to every successful project is communication and that doesn’t change for trade show shipping. Finding out exactly what is being sent to the trade show from our shop is critical. During our “Put to Work” meetings that’s when the expectation is set.

Team Check-Ins

Throughout the process, our team communicates the exact pieces being sent to the show to ensure our shipping estimates are as accurate as possible. No one wants to spend money on shipping, so when we can shave off some room on the truck, we’re going to pass along those savings to our clients!

Expected Ship Date versus Actual Ship Date

We all have good intentions when a project has to be completed, but anyone that’s been in the trade show world for a minute understands that things change. Being able to adapt and share information with our partners is crucial to starting the trade show on the right foot.

It’s All About the Paperwork

Last but not least, we avoid using our own created Bill of Ladin template to help save our shipping partners time in recreating it on their own template. It may sound like something small, but this speaks to EDE’s attention to detail and how we want to help our partners be efficient as well.

Dustin Kapral, Shipping Manager

Preparing for your Trade Show Shipping

Quality assurance is a key component with trade show shipping. Making sure skids and crates are properly packed and ready to load onto the truck can be a critical part of offloading at a trade show.

Likewise, the moment a shipment comes in our shipping manager inspects every piece to make sure it came back the way it left the trade show floor. Dustin has been with EDE for over 20 years. If you need something somewhere, no matter how fast, he’s our guy!

Our Work

Experiential Tech Drives 500% Increase in Traffic for MHS Global

Creating a must-see experience on the show floor while educating attendees on MHS’s core business functions meant robust collaboration and intentional trade booth design to drive the greatest impact and traffic.

See the MHS Global exhibit

Find Your Custom Exhibit and Trade Booth Designs

Measurable experiences. Immeasurable results.

Intentional designs deliver a psychological pull on your target audiences. Achieve results with unparalleled exhibit design and craftsmanship.

Trade Show Exhibits

Leave a lasting impression. Captivating exhibit designs and experiences tell your story, attract the right attendees, and deliver measurable metrics.

Branded Environments

Extend the experience of your brand to interior environments with groundbreaking architecture, design, and craftsmanship that embodies your story.

Museum Cases

Capture the attention of your visitors with exquisite museum cases and detail-oriented exhibits that enthrall, educate, and inspire.

Exhibit Program Management Starts with Shipping Logistics

Based in Chicago, we work with leading brands to deliver innovative exhibits for trade shows, branded experiences, and museums. Work with a team that takes care of the details — so you can focus on impacting your customers face-to-face on the floor.

Explore Exhibit Program Management

Custom Design

See your brand take shape with conceptualized renderings that attend to every element — from lighting to flooring to material — and push the bounds of what’s possible.


Watch your design come to life. Every design we create we fabricate in-house with modularity and precision front and center.

Installation + Break Down

Don’t lift a finger. We’ll install, dismantle, and store your exhibit — taking care to assist you in creating a stress-free environment for connecting with your visitors.

International Exhibits

Cross borders without driving up costs. We’ll coordinate and manage non-essential contractors, shipping, installation, and setup.

Rental Program

Reimagine exhibits using nearly five decades of custom modular equipment. Show your unique brand voice without breaking the bank with our trade show rental program.

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