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How Showing What Life is Like for an MHS Customer Lead to a 33% Increase in New Leads.

“WOW! Here is an exhibit that demands attention.” -E3 Effectiveness Exhibition Team on the 2022 exhibit.

Attention wasn’t all this booth demanded. The exhibit received an Exhibit Design Award for Best Experiential Exhibit!

MHS Global Logo

Showcase of the Exhibitor Magazine Design Award Winning exhibit for MHS at the Modex Show. The exhibit features a 2 story environment surrounded by 6 interactive pods and a 14′ tall perimeter branding wall. The highlight attraction is over 120 Kinetic Lights suspended overhead, which move and change color to create images that showcase MHS branding and logistical solutions.

MHS is the definition of zigging when other companies zag!

The company focuses attention on relationship building and creating experiences for their attendees. Making it easy to understand the benefits of their partnership, not the features of their machines. 

Using Hands-On Engagement to Create Memorable Experiences and Show What it’s like to be an MHS Customer.

The fun started as you stepped into the space. Using a custom app, attendees scanned a QR code to play 2022’s hottest game, Wordle on their devices. Once they won, they were awarded a choice of three giveaways. This game showcased how MHS (along with partners HAI Robotics and Mujin) offer a full picking solution for attendees interested in automating their warehouse.

Once attendees passed through the wordle experience, they were introduced to the full suite of services offered by MHS starting with the solution design pod.

An RFID table with five 3D models symbolizing different sections of the solution design process. This experience brought attendees through the design, engineering, and integration process. When the 3D model was placed on the module, a short presentation played on the 70″ monitor in front of the table. 

Next to the RFID table were two pedestals with holgram fans. Each one dedicated to a specific MHS machine. The hologram fan presented a rendered model of each machine with a live video of the machine shown on a mounted iPad below. Not only did it add engagement, it saved a TON of money on material handling!

MHS trade show booth showing the research and development process

Show, Don’t Tell, To Leave Lasting Memories

Without bringing every piece of machinery, it was important for attendees to see what a real-life execution looked it. Using two monitors flanking each side of a curved wall to tell the story. 

On the right side, there was a video showing how MHS warehouse solutions work in a real-life scenario.

On the left side, there was a clear breakdown of the robotics behind the machine being shown on the right side.

Putting on a Show in the Air will Drive Traffic from Near and Far:

Finally, the hanging sign of all hanging signs! Using a dancing light sculpture, we used the movement to replicate the patterns and mimic the movement of MHS machines. At times, the sign also used the MHS arrows to point to the entrance of the booth.

If it isn’t Shared on Social, Did it Even Happen?

From the moment you entered the MHS space, you were drawn to a larger-than-life neon sign of their logo. It was a beacon for the MHS brand and a great setup for a selfie station.

The Speakeasy Lounge – If you know, you know:

An invite-only, barely noticeable, area of the booth. Most people (staff included!) assumed it was a storage room.

What and how did the lounge work:

  • Ahead of the show, MHS most valued prospects and customers received an invite including an RFID bracelet. The only way to access the space!
  • Within the speakeasy, there were two private meeting areas, and two casual meeting areas.
  • A custom MHS bar in front of a neon Club MHS designed logo.
  • During the day, there was a barista serving custom coffee drinks and cocktails in the afternoon.
  • For added ambiance, there was a DJ playing music to reduce the atmospheric noise and relax attendees.

End-to-End Exhibit Services From Ideation to Installation — Our Scope

Custom Design


Attendee Journey

Experiential Technology

Video Production

Sponsorship Design + Installation

Shipping + Logistics

Installation + Dismantle

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