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How to Bring your Attendees into the Story to Deliver Quality Lead Generation for your Team.

RSAC is known for having every gimmick the trade show industry has to offer! BeyondTrust wanted in on the action but in a more meaningful way.

That’s why we created the “Choose Your Weapon” experience. Our challenge was to come up with an idea to engage attendees in a fun way while also gathering information for the sales team. Delivering meaningful conversations for everyone.

Fortna Logo

Showcase of Fortna’s 40×110 exhibit at the 2023 ProMat Show. A contained experience making it feel exclusive from its large structures showing off the brand while maximizing the impact of the footprint.

The activation was at the core of the BeyondTrust RSAC experience. Driving curiosity and drawing people into the space.

In an industry full of scare tactics, this experience stood out because of the surprise and delight it brought to attendees. No one wants to miss out when you see people having a good time!

Fortna - 40x110 - ProMat 2023 - exhibit entrance

Surprise and Delight

At its core, the BeyondTrust booth drew attention from their bold colors and distinct logo bug in the hanging sign. As attendees came closer, they got to see the 10×10 zone in the front corner dedicated to learning more about the attendees while delivering a one of a kind experience.


The BeyondTrust Signature Experience

How it worked:

  • Lured to BeyondTrust’s exhibit by its bold colors and elevated 3D logo, attendees found themselves immersed in the whimsical “Choose Your Weapon” traffic builder.
  • They were prompted to answer five questions related to their IT needs. (And maybe there was a fun question in there, too!)
  • Attendees stepped on the space marked with an X while the answers informed the weapon of their choice!
  • After a countdown, users were treated to a zany Looney Tunes-esque video, where they themselves were cast as the cybersecurity threat.
  • In classic Looney Tunes fashion, attendees (aka “the threat”) were comically removed from the scene by their weapon of choice, which was assigned based on their survey answers — either a wrapped up with a lasso, blasted away in a rocket ship, or blown away with a bomb. Message sent: BeyondTrust protects companies from cyberthreats!
  • Visitors received an email with a video of the experience and were prompted to broadcast the branded video on social media, expanding BeyondTrust’s marketing campaign well beyond the booth.

Why it worked

Gathering leads is always an important measure of success at trade shows. The quality is what determines  successful ROI. In the case of BeyondTrust, the activation alone generated 213 quality leads (MQLs), a 157% increase compared to the previous year! And they increased overall leads by 89%.

BeyondTrust’s “Choose Your Weapon” experience helped produce 22,000 social media impressioins, 507 likes and reactions, and 97 shares — amplifying BeyondTrust’s branding well beyond the booth.

Even better, BeyondTrust increased its revenue pipeline by 500% at shows where the new booth was used compared to the previous year.


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