How to Justify Your Trade Show Program

Hyster custom exhibit

You and I both know the value trade shows have to your marketing plan, but it’s time to prove it in no uncertain terms.  Even though many trade show professionals are optimistic about future results, most don’t believe their budget will increase.  Many marketing managers must fight to justify dream budgets to supervisors and the C-suite.  We’ve compiled the three most compelling pieces of ammo to swing things in your favor.

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The 5 Worst Trade Show Giveaways

Bad trade show giveaways

Conventional wisdom dictates that giveaways are a reliable way to entice visitors to your booth and ensure leads remember you. However, giving out the wrong goodies or poorly designed items won’t get you anywhere. The quality of your products or services and exhibit should be complimented by the items you give out.

For some, the following items could potentially make good giveaways, but only if they are done well with appealing designs, social media-worthy wit, high quality or if they directly relate to the product. If your strategy includes simply sticking a logo on one of the items listed below, you might want to rethink it.

Here are some items that generally get ho-hum or negative reactions from trade show attendees:

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