2013 was one for the books. We grew as a company, broke ground on a new warehouse facility and grew as families with weddings and births for our employees. We wanted to take a moment to thank our clients and partners and reflect on some highlights from the past year.

Without loyal and ambitious clients we could not have accomplished all that we did. Collaborations with designers, architects, vendors and outside teams helped our appreciative in-house staff bring clients’ stories to life.

Some big moments from 2013 included:

Rapid Displays

Rapid Displays exhibit at Globalshop 2013

Rapid Displays funneled attendees in with strategic lighting, large hanging signs, a central desk, monitors, product displays and large structure that housed conference rooms.

Mood Media

mood screens  Mood media exhibit technology at Globalshop 2013

Mood Media used technology and a clean design to draw in visitors from across the hall. An iPad-controlled video wall and sound system tailored the space with varying international themes.



Interface’s NeoCon showroom made use of video projectors to define the attendee experience.

See more examples of our NeCon 2013 clients (including Patcraft’s LEED-certified showroom and Camira Fabrics’ award-winning booth).

Interface's ecofriendly exhibit at Greenbuild 2013

As one of our many green and LEED-certified partners, Interface continued its messaging from NeoCon with an ocean-themed custom exhibit.


Ferrara's custom exhibit at at Sweets and Snacks Expo 2013

Ferrara’s lighting was designed to make customization for other trade shows easier.



Intelerad's custom exhibit at RSNA 2013

Intelerad’s booth used materials and colors to stand out from other medical trade show exhibitors.



Yale's custom exhibit at Promat 2013

Yale unveiled a new custom exhibit at Promat, one with an environment that distanced attendees from the show floor.




In addition to trade show exhibits, our museum portfolio also grew in 2013. Harvard’s Sackler Gallery used a micture of colors and materials to juxtapose with its contents.



Before After

Our millwork division was busy fabricating and installing projects for educational and medical institutions all year.


Hub Group

Interior design for Hub Group's environmental graphics

Hub Group’s interior project included building replica shipping containers for multiple floors of their corporate office. With the view provided by the building’s windows, people driving by cannot miss the bright branding.


2013 was a successful year our clients and partners and we are truly grateful for being a part of their projects, whether they were trade shows, interiors or anything in between.

We’ve started on the right foot in 2014 with many designs and productions well underway, and we’re excited to do more. Let us help your program this year—find helpful planning and budgeting resources here on the blog or connect with us to start a project.

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