Turning Trade Show Buzz into Content Brilliance: A Marketer’s Guide

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Trade shows and events are like the Oscars of the business world – everyone’s looking to make a splash and get noticed. But once the confetti settles, the real challenge begins: how to maximize content from your trade show or event so the buzz doesn’t fizzle out.
We reached out to Kyle Gordon, a field and event marketer with more than a dozen years of experience, to discuss how you can turn these launchable moments into a goldmine of marketing magic.
From collecting testimonials that shine to demo videos that dazzle, this guide will show you how to capture every valuable moment and repurpose it to keep your audience hooked long after the booths close. 


  • In this edition, we’ll cover:

    • Content Alchemy: How to turn trade show moments into evergreen marketing gold. Learn how to transform the buzz into long-term content strategies that continue delivering value.

    • Collecting Tips: Tips for capturing glowing customer reviews on the show floor and recording live demos that showcase your product like a superstar. We’ll also show you how to make the most of panel discussions, keynotes, and interviews to capture compelling discussions and insightful content.

    • Content Resources: Who to bring along for the ride – from your social media squad to a production company. Find out which team members are essential for capturing and producing top-notch content.

    • Budget-Friendly Tips: How to leverage mobile devices, freelancers, and user-generated content. Tight on cash? These strategies will help you create impactful content on a shoestring budget.

    • Pre-Planning Strategy: Building a foolproof content calendar and identifying key themes. Learn how to lay the groundwork for your content strategy and ensure every piece aligns perfectly.

    • Distribution Smarts: The art of repurposing and sharing content across channels. Explore how to maximize your content’s reach through smart distribution and strategic repurposing.

    • Mistakes to Dodge: Common pitfalls to avoid in event content marketing. Don’t let your efforts go to waste – we’ll help you sidestep the most frequent blunders.


To get the most bang for your buck at a trade show, it’s crucial to approach the event with clear objectives in mind. Whether it’s creating a launchable moment or collecting quality content, set your sights on these goals to make your marketing magic.   


  • Launchable Moment: View the trade show/event as a pivotal opportunity to introduce prospects to your product or service. 
  • Content Collection: Grab as much content as possible during the event like it’s the last shrimp at the buffet.  
  • Guide Prospects: Use the collected content to guide prospects through the sales journey beyond the trade show floor. 

    Pre-Planning Content Strategy

    A little pre-planning can go a long way toward ensuring a steady stream of event content. Craft a rock-solid content calendar and identify key themes to create a cohesive strategy that hits all the right notes.   


    • Content Calendar: Develop a schedule that aligns content collection with key moments during the event. 
    • Identify Themes: Pick overarching themes like you’re curating a film festival, ensuring everything has a cohesive vibe. 
    • Partner Engagement: Lock in partner interviews and collaborations beforehand for seamless co-creation. 

    Types of Content to Collect

    Not all content is created equal, so focus on the types of content that will deliver the most value long after the event. From testimonials to podcasts, here’s a list of the must-have content that will keep prospects hooked.   


    1. Testimonials: Grab those glowing reviews like gems in the rough. Capture attendee feedback or customer testimonials about your product, service, or event experience. 
    2. Demo Videos: Record live demos that showcase your product’s superstar features and benefits. Make it shine! 
    3. Panel Discussions/Keynotes: Film insightful discussions or keynote speeches where industry experts drop knowledge like it’s going out of style. 
    4. Podcasts/Interviews: Have candid chats with thought leaders and customers to add a dash of wisdom to your content mix. 
    5. Booth Tours: Give virtual booth tours to showcase your brand’s swag and savvy setups. 
    6. B-Roll Footage: Gather all that supplementary footage for dramatic montages later on. 
    7. Social Media Moments: Share behind-the-scenes shenanigans and event highlights in real-time, so your followers don’t miss out. 

    Resources Needed

    To capture quality content, you need the right team and tools in your corner. Here’s who you should have on hand – from your social media squad to a trusty videographer – to make your trade show content pop.   


    • Social Media Team: Let them loose to capture the buzz and share it live, meme-style. 
    • Digital Team: Handle video/audio recording, editing, and making sure you look flawless on screen. 
    • Production Company/Copywriter: Bring in the big guns to make sure your content is slicker than a greased weasel. 
    • Content Strategist: Pre-plan that content strategy like a maestro conducting a symphony. 
    • Photographer/Videographer: Capture glam shots and videos to plaster across all channels. 

    Tips for Smaller Budgets

    Tight on cash? No problem! These budget-friendly hacks will help you maximize content creation without breaking the bank. Think mobile devices, local freelancers, and user-generated content – your wallet will thank you.   


    • Mobile Devices & DIY Gear: Whip out those smartphones and pocket-sized gear like you’re starring in a guerrilla film festival. 
    • Local Freelancers/Interns: Tap into the local talent pool with freelance videographers, photographers, and interns eager for experience. 
    • User-Generated Content (UGC): Encourage attendees to flaunt their own experiences with an event hashtag – the ultimate win-win. 
    • Tap Internal Teams: ’Youve probably got unused resources on your staff. Consider using your SDR leader for email copywriting.

    Flexibility & Spontaneous Content Creation

    While pre-planning is crucial, being flexible and ready to capture spontaneous moments can be a game-changer. Empower your social media and production teams to seize opportunities on the fly and be open to unexpected gems.   

    • Be ready to pounce on spontaneous moments that will have your audience grinning from ear to ear. 
    • Give your social media team free rein to strike when the content iron is hot. 

    Co-Creation & Cross-Pollination

    Team up with partners to cross-pollinate audiences and co-create killer content. Share the love by promoting co-branded content on each other’s channels for maximum reach.   


    • Co-create with partners to cross-pollinate audiences like a digital bumblebee. 
    • Share the love by promoting co-branded content on each other’s channels. 

    Content Distribution & Mistakes to Avoid

    Now that you’ve got a treasure trove of content, it’s time to share it far and wide. Learn how to distribute it smartly across channels and dodge the common pitfalls that can leave your audience tuning out.   


    1. Multichannel Distribution: Spread your content across every channel known to humankind, from email to TikTok. But first and foremost, focus on the channels that you know your audience spends time.  
    2. Repurposing Strategy: Chop longer content into snackable clips for easy sharing. 
    3. Avoid Content Saturation: Don’t overwhelm your audience with a content avalanche – pace yourself like a marathoner, not a sprinter. 
    4. Measure Impact: Keep tabs on those juicy metrics to refine your strategy for next time. 

    By pulling the right strings and striking the right notes, you’ll turn your trade show or event from a moment in time to a moment through time.  (Phrasing borrowed from the ever-quotable Jay Menashe.)

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