Travel Tips: Health Edition!

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Travel Tips: Health Edition!


  • Staying healthy while constantly traveling for work can feel impossible.
  • Two of our world travelers shared eight tips for keeping fit and sane on the road.

As an event professional zipping around the globe for those all-important trade shows, it’s easy to let your health slide down the list of priorities, right below “network until you drop” and “find the best swag.”

Fear not! Two of our Platinum-level travelers Jay Menashe, SVP of Sales and Marketing, and Tami Draper, VP of New Business Development have your back (and immune system) with some first-class travel tips to keep you as peppy as the staffer handing out free pens. Let’s dive into the how-to-stay-healthy travelogue that doesn’t require you to live on kale shakes and herbal tea — unless that’s your jam, of course.

The Hydration Station Revolution

We all know that airplane air is drier than a PowerPoint presentation on data analysis. Combat the moisture-sucking environment of planes and convention centers by drinking water like it’s your job. Aim for the magic 8×8 rule: eight 8-ounce glasses a day. Bonus points if you carry a reusable water bottle to keep hydrated and save the planet one refill at a time.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: alcohol. It’s often a staple at evening networking events and dinners. While it might seem like a good idea at the time, alcohol is dehydrating and can significantly impact the quality of your sleep, leaving you dragging the next day. So consider enjoying in moderation or opting for a sparkling water during those social toasts. Even better, don’t overlook the creative world of mocktails — delicious and hydrating alternatives that won’t leave you regretting your choices the next morning. Your body (and your head the next morning) will thank you for it.

The Routine Roadmap

“If I keep my morning and evening routine the same as home, the rest of the day is infinitely more productive.”

Jay Menashe

Sticking to your normal routine on the road can be about as difficult as finding a free power outlet at the airport. But here’s the scoop: Maintaining some semblance of your everyday habits can keep your mind and body on track. Try to wake up, eat, and go to bed around the same time you do at home. “If I keep my morning and evening routine the same as home, the rest of the day is infinitely more productive,” Jay says.


But hey, if your usual routine is as lost as luggage in transit, it’s time to craft a travel-specific ritual. This could mean setting aside time for a morning stretch, a midday mindfulness break, or an evening wind-down with a good book. A travel routine doesn’t just help you stay healthy — it provides comforting consistency in the whirlwind of event travels.

Navigating the Nosh

Exploring the local cuisine is half the fun of travel! However, the culinary delights of your destination can be a minefield for your stomach. Consider saving the most adventurous eating for after the trade show. Opt for meals with plenty of vegetables, lean proteins, and grains to keep your body fueled and ready for action. 

Nibble throughout the day. Swap out those sugar-laden snacks for power-packed alternatives. Think almonds, fruit, or those trendy protein bars that taste suspiciously like dessert. You’ll avoid the dreaded sugar crash and keep your energy levels more stable than the Wi-Fi in the conference rooms.

“Research the restaurants ahead of time and make reservations before you get there. If you’re going to a conference, restaurants will be booked up  — potentially weeks ahead of time.”

Tami Draper

Pillow Talk

Jet lag can turn anyone into a zombie. Try to sync up with the local time as soon as you land, even if it means powering through a day when all you want to do is nap. Embrace the power of an eye mask and earplugs to turn any hotel room into a sleep sanctuary. 

Those late-night parties and after-hours networking events are sleep stealers. Prioritizing rest over yet another mixer not only helps you stay sharp and energetic the next day but also keeps your immune system from dialing the emergency number. It’s all about finding the right balance between making valuable connections and catching those Z’s.

The Traveler’s Gym

Don’t let travel cramp your style or your muscles. Yes, we’re talking about exercise. But don’t panic! We’re not suggesting a marathon. A brisk walk around the exhibition hall or a quick weight-lift session in the hotel gym can work wonders for your mood and energy. Pro tip: Jay swears that hotel gyms have the best water. 

If the gym isn’t a setting you enjoy, consider throwing some travel-friendly exercise bands in your luggage for some resistance training in your own hotel room. Look no further for a 30-minute hotel-room workout with resistance bands.

“Ladies, leave your heels at home and bring a pair of comfortable sneakers. Sneakers on the show floor are completely acceptable as long as they’re fashionable. And don’t let anyone tell you different.”

Tami Draper

Germ Warfare

Hand sanitizer: It’s not just for germophobes. In the handshake-heavy environment of trade shows, it’s your shield. Keep hand sanitizer handy (pun intended) and don’t be shy about using it.

Vitamin D Door Dash

“When the trade show floor is buzzing with excitement, it’s easy to forget there’s an actual world outside those convention center walls” Jay says. “Be sure to step outside and soak up some sunshine.” Not only does this give you a much-needed break from the artificial lights and air, but the Vitamin D and fresh air are fabulous for your mood and energy levels.

Whether it’s a quick stroll, a morning jog, or just finding a sunny spot to enjoy your lunch, making a point to see the sky can make all the difference. Plus, it’s a great way to discover hidden gems in the city you’re visiting.

“When the trade show floor is buzzing with excitement, it’s easy to forget there’s an actual world outside those convention center walls. Be sure to step outside and soak up some sunshine.”

Jay Menashe

Mind Your Mind

Trade shows can be a whirlwind of activity that leaves even the most extroverted socially and mentally drained. Take a moment each day to decompress. Whether it’s meditation, reading a book, or just enjoying a quiet cup of coffee, find a little “me” time to recharge your mental batteries.

And there you have it, the ultimate guide to keeping your wellness game strong amidst the hustle and bustle of events. With these tips in your toolkit, you’re all set to network, learn, and enjoy without sacrificing your health on the altar of professional development.

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