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You certainly wouldn’t exhibit at a trade show or send an RFP response without making sure your brand, company personality and purpose were effectively communicated.  It’s the same reason you can’t show up to the social media party without an appropriate game plan.  Just like there isn’t one booth design that suits all exhibitors, there isn’t one voice that translates across all social media platforms.  Below is a breakdown of how we communicate differently through each social media outlet.

Twitter logo


Our way of communicating what’s going on at EDE on a day-to-day basis
Easily communicates fun elements through pictures, videos and links
Easy way to share various content to many people


Google+ logo


A collection of our blog entries and posts about our thoughts on our industry
Tool to utilize Google authorship
Great way to link together multiple projects


LinkedIn logo


Most professional space
1 stop shop for information on our team members and their résumés and skills
Encourage employees to participate in groups and discussions


pinterest logo


A creative outlet to show our influences and style
Perfect location to compile information and inspiration to go back to even years from now


Youtube logo


A way to showcase motion elements of our exhibits and building processes that are too long for Vine
Put a spotlight on unique elements of exhibits to demonstrate their impact



WordPress blog logo


The substance behind other posts
A hub for original, useful and (hopefully) interesting content


Final thoughts

Social media is constantly changing and works differently for every user.  Don’t get discouraged if something isn’t working, just find inspiration and try again.  Our social media plan is constantly evaluated to improve the audience’s experience.

Find us on LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, Pinterest and Youtube to see all of the videos, pictures, notes and occasionally off topic fun we’ve put together for you.

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