Is it Finally Time to Invest in Advanced Lead Retrieval?

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Trade show lead retrievals have come a long way in the past five years, but the process is still one of the more tedious aspects of tradeshows.  Which of your thirty salespeople in attendance scanned the badge?  What product was the lead interested in?  How do I upload files to my CRM?  How does my trade show program get credit for starting the sales process?

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A lot of those questions can be answered with a lead retrieval system app. The problem, however, is how many lead retrieval apps you’ll have to wade through to find the right fit. Ask yourself the following questions to help sort through and find the right app for your program.

Will it work with all of your trade shows?

The first question to ask yourself seems obvious. Will it work?  The best way to find out is to pull your list of trade shows and which ones specifically you ordered lead retrieval for, and simply ask the sales team.  Apps have come a long way, with most able to scan bar codes, QR codes, and business cards. However, there can be other barriers.  Make sure you ask if you need to purchase a license from the show and see how the App handles the licensing process.

How many people will need to use it? 

Can your sales force operate this system and use it independently? Alternatively, should this be treated more like a current lead retrieval system, where there might be two or three scanners in the booth?  Answering that will help you determine the costs associated. 

Will your IT team work with it?

The world is split between iOS, Android and Windows users.  Unfortunately, most apps are compatible with only one or two of these.  Which one does your IT department work with?  Buying into a system that won’t work easily means continuing the same challenges as with show based lead retrieval. Make sure you are using the right system to work with your IT team.

What additional data can the app provide?

Can the app give sales people a simple way to add notes?  Is there a way the sales team can pick a product that the lead is interested in?  Will the app automatically send out brochures to those leads?  What other features do they offer?  All of these are features that we’ve seen in action, so ask questions and learn about what the lead retrieval system can do for you. 

Does it work with my CRM?

This question is the Holy Grail of selecting your lead retrieval app. Can your app based lead retrieval system instantly upload the leads from a tradeshow to your preferred CRM? Can it assign each lead to the correct salesperson, upload the notes and special features, and tag them based on the trade show they attended?

Almost all of these apps are made to work with a CRM system, but do they work with yours? Learn what CRM system your company uses, then make sure the lead retrieval app you’re working will show you how they integrate. Remember: This is key in reducing post show work time. If your lead retrieval app is quick and efficient, your sales team can be, too. Use the real time information to see how your show performed and make sure your sales team followed up in a timely manner.

If you get through the list and see all the right boxes checked, a lead retrieval app is a great way to bring sales and experiential marketing closer than ever.  The ability to get better data will help you track it, analyze it, and make better decisions about where to focus your budget.  This tool is key to that.  Now that there is a lull in trade shows, take the time to do research and see how these apps can help.

We went through the list for a few of our clients trying to maximize their analytics. Get in touch if you would like to know our thoughts on your program.

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