Plan for the Return of Large Trade Shows: Stretching Your Exhibit Budget

Trade shows are rebounding, but how’s your budget looking?

As events see the light at the end of a pandemic tunnel, start to expect a flurry of in-person activity this fall.

Like many companies, you may find yourself having to plan for the return of large trade shows on a much smaller budget. Not to mention as show organizers rush to rebook, some of the events you have traditionally attended might overlap.

Don’t panic. Stop and take a deep breath. You can – no, you will – make this work!

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How to Prepare for the Return of Live Events: Part 2 (Updated 9.9.2021)

Our original post was written a year ago and it’s time to revisit the topic of in-person events. We hope Part 1 of this piece (check it out if you haven’t already) energized you and made you feel optimistic for the future. We believe in-person trade shows will return—but what will they look like when they do?

Fast forward one year and we’re still figuring out what the future of in-person events looks like. Trade shows are evolving and it feels like we’re heading in the right direction, even if we’ve hit a few speed bumps along the way. So, rather than predictions, we’re sharing what we’ve seen in 2021. The differences we anticipate fall under the categories of exhibitors’ individual booth spaces, show-level practices and policies, and human interaction. We have also provided some tips and action items from our team here at EDE to help you better prepare.

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