GBAC: What is it and why does it matter to you as an exhibit manager?

The return of shows means there will be not only expectations to make people feel safe, but requirements and procedures in place to ensure it. In continued efforts to prepare for the future, two of our team members at EDE, Max Maxwell and Shannon Dunne, have received their GBAC certifications.

So what’s GBAC?

It’s the Global Biorisk Advisory Council. It teaches you how to prepare for, respond to, and recover from biohazards in the workplace. Currently, the course places an emphasis on how to handle a post-COVID world of events. Places like McCormick Convention Center (Chicago), Orange County Convention Center (Orlando), Georgia World Congress (Atlanta), and Jacob Javits (NYC) have all been certified, proving the importance of the certification.

Why does GBAC matter to you?

As an exhibit manager, the return of shows is exciting, but also nerve wracking. Safety is everyone’s #1 concern, and quite frankly, the only way our industry we love will get off the ground. This certification will enable us (and you!) to take all of the necessary steps to ensure and manage the cleaning/safety protocols of your exhibit. By finding a trusted partner that is GBAC-certified, you can have peace of mind that your environment will be safe for everyone.

If you’re interested in learning more about the training, you can check it out here. Or if you have questions for our certified team members, please contact us at

How Experiential Technology Led to a 500% Increase in Trade Show Exhibit Traffic for MHS Global

MHS Global trade show exhibit at MODEX 2020

“It’s big, interactive, impactful, inviting, and fun!” A satisfied attendee in the MHS exhibit at MODEX 2020 excitedly summarized her MHS experience. The metrics showed that she wasn’t alone — the exhibit had a 500% increase in traffic and generated almost 6 times the number of leads from MHS’s previous show (Promat 2019). So how did they do it?

With 2020 being MHS’s first time exhibiting at MODEX, the company wanted to make its presence known—both as a leader in the industry and physically on the show floor. The company’s objectives were to increase brand awareness and to educate attendees on the newly defined “pillars” that encapsulate MHS’s disciplines. 

To achieve these goals, EDE teamed up with our AV partner Stamm Technologies to create several experiential technology activations. These activations made MHS a must-see on the show floor and educated attendees on MHS’s core business functions they have deemed their “pillars.”

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How to Prepare for the Return of Live Events: Part 2

We hope Part 1 of this piece (check it out if you haven’t already) energized you and made you feel optimistic for the future. We believe in-person trade shows will return—but what will they look like when they do?

Very much on brand with the rest of 2020, we are not exactly sure. But we do have some solid predictions. The differences we anticipate fall under the categories of exhibitors’ individual booth spaces, show-level practices and policies, and human interaction. We have also provided some tips and action items from our team here at EDE to help you better prepare.

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Events and Coronavirus – EDE’s Guide to Re-Opening

Events and Coronavirus

During this period of uncertainty, we at EDE Corporation feel it is our role to help trade show managers and marketers keep up-to-date with the progress of the Events and Coronavirus. We chose five major cities we felt would be the bellwethers for guiding the reopening nationwide.  The following are reports and governmental links as to where each city currently sits, as well as the plan to open for larger gatherings. 

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Trade Show Staffing Essentials

Trade Show Staffing Essentials

It doesn’t matter how innovative your exhibit design is if your staff isn’t properly conveying the message of the booth. 85% of an exhibitor’s success hinges on the performance of its booth staff. Despite its importance, only 26 percent of exhibitors conduct trade show staff training for all or most of their events, according to a Center for Exhibition Industry Research study. We put together several trade show staffing essentials you can’t miss if you want your trade show program to perform.  Continue reading

Success is More than just the Exhibit: Making a Pre-Show Game Plan


Exhibiting at a trade show is one of the best strategies to market your products and services to a large, specified group of potential customers. Trade show exhibits give you a unique sales opportunity that can help you generate new leads, check out the competition, get publicity, and do some networking. We’ve covered that subject in our “How to Justify Your Trade Show Program” blog entry 6 months ago. The following are our thoughts on how to maximize the impact of your trade show program on important attendees. As with anything marketable, the key is maximizing the time and money you spend on targeted attendees. But before you accomplish anything, you must plan carefully and promote your presence even before the show.

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