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Sometimes a short, interesting presentation before the show start can be a great way to get people engaged with your brand in a more interesting way. A few weeks ago at the ProMat show, Yale had a morning trade show presentation with GE.

In order to make this run smoothly, here’s what we did the morning before the show opened…

  1.  moved the reception counter to the back of the booth
  2.  setup 50 chairs and stanchions in the front aisle (with show management approval)
  3.  provided a full a/v system with a presentation mic and q&a mics – provided a laptop with wireless remote for the presenter
  4. assisted with the setup of catering prior to the event
  5. tore everything down and returned it to its original state prior to show opening

With a little initiative, some creativity, and a lot of nerve, a pre-show presentation in your booth space is a definite possibility. Be sure to use graphics, video, and sound as much as possible, and provide comfortable seating to keep attendees engaged. Having your own event going on at the event gives attendees a different experience to look forward to other than the typical show floor clutter.




Feel free to comment below with thoughts, experiences, and opinions on trade show presentations.

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