How to Draw Attendees into Your Exhibit: Lighting

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Typically trade show exhibit layouts require attendees to walk in from the aisles in order to engage with booth staff or product displays.  Many of you have already learned that funneling people inside the exhibits helps give them a sense of privacy and more focused attention.  Common ways to do this within exhibits might include relying on graphics, physical structures, placement of products or even music. But one trick is a little more subtle and still effective.  Thoughtful lighting not only draws attendees’ eyes to important features but can also lead them to important locations within the booth.

Museum exhibit lighting

Museum lighting naturally lures viewers exactly where you want them to go. Designing a product-heavy trade show exhibit with similar lighting techniques can keep leads’ attention focused.


  1. Strike the right balance.  Too much light and your booth with look like Vegas, too little and it’s not worth the cost.  Finding the right balance can achieve many goals.
  2. Use lights to create a line of sight, control leads’ eyes and their feet should follow.
  3. Vary the amount and direction throughout your exhibit to create a flow and make important areas stand out.  You can use this technique to direct attendees through your exhibit right to your booth staff.
  4. Internal spotlighting stirs curiosity and leaves no questions about what the highlight of the exhibit space is.  Museum-style track or backlighting, on the other hand, implies clean professionalism and quality with less of a statement.


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