Streamline Your Exhibit’s Video Projections

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Interface unveiled their sustainable product lined called Net Effect at this year’s NeoCon in Chicago.  For the debut, they wanted the focus of the new space to be videos playing on monitors and projectors displaying a narrative of related images and text, all tirelessly timed to atmospheric music.  The displays, which spanned over three walls, set up a stage that pulled in attendees to spread a powerful message.

While EDE handled the fabrication of the showroom from setting up the projectors to moving existing plumbing, we collaborated with Ogilvy & Mather to create the graphics display that revolved around timing and had to be seamless.  However, the vision created two main challenges that inspired more thoughtful implementation.

Digital solutions to environmental graphics can be expensive and it can be difficult to make any last minute changes to the graphics.  To tackle these challenges, the process used for Interface’s showroom was not only able to keep the cost manageable, but also made the system simple and approachable for staff.  Programming strategically involved easy to use software and user-friendly laptops which allowed us to make updates and changes as needed.  The 3-minute sequence ran uninterrupted throughout NeoCon without requiring staff time to maintain.  All in all, the installation looked more sophisticated and expensive than it actually was.  Using this model offers a better solution for complex digital environmental graphics.

To see details of the entire showroom, visit our portfolio.  For more about Net Effect, visit Interface’s blog.

What improvements would you like to see in the use of projectors at trade shows?

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