3 Ways to Use Data to Improve your Exhibit Design

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3 Ways to Use Data to Improve your Exhibit Design
3 Ways to Use Data to Attract Quality Traffic to Your Booth


Trade shows are integral to any marketing strategy. Are you looking to build awareness? Launch a product? Maintain or strengthen relationships? Then trade shows are your answer! Not so fast, consumers are spoiled with choice so you’ll need to prove why they should visit and spend time at your booth.

One way to do this is by leveraging data to personalize your in-booth experience. After all, data isn’t just for digital marketing campaigns. Check out how you can use data to find success at your next trade show.

It’s Not Only About Data Collection


Every day, large amounts of data are being generated through emails, social, and internet searches. Don’t sleep on this information. There are a variety of ways to use it. For instance, companies can look at consumers’ buying habits to send personalized recommendations. When it comes to trade shows, you can also leverage data to give your trade show booth an edge. From optimizing your attendee marketing strategies to predicting turnout.

With the increased focus on data, the demand for data professionals who can read and analyze data is growing at a rapid pace. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that data professionals like market research analysts are one of the fastest-growing occupations — with an expected growth rate of 18% up to 2029.

If you want a data-driven marketing strategy for your next trade show, consider seeking out these professionals to support you.

Engage Attendees at Their Pace While Collecting Valuable Data


You have to remember that not all attendees are the same. Some want to explore the trade show at their own pace. Some attendees may not seem as enthusiastic when engaging with your team. And since your trade show experience should be all about your attendees think about including self-guided interaction kiosks in your booth for visitors to read whenever they choose to.

Here, you can add your catalog, additional details about your company, pricing, and more. This will be useful to all attendees and a data goldmine to help move prospects along the buying journey after the show. Start small by creating a website or landing page and use a QR code for quick access. To make it even more effective, be sure to employ the services of a skilled developer. You don’t want your visitors to be inconvenienced by crashes and bugs during your event.

How Data Can Help You Create Personalized Experiences

As we said earlier, using customer and attendee data can generate insights that will help you figure out how to bring in more people to your booth. Through this, you can better understand what kind of unique experiences your booth needs to draw more traffic. Some examples of this include games, demos, and augmented reality apps. Aside from helping you engage your potential customers, these activities can also capture attendee data and help you identify your attendee’s persona and needs. Leading you to a truly customized experience for your visitors. Directing them to the products that they’re most likely interested in.

By using data, your trade show booth has a higher chance of generating new and highly qualified leads while attracting customers inside and outside your target audience. For more insights on the top trade show exhibits, be sure to check our other posts.

Trying to figure out the right data to capture and how? Reach out to menashej@edecorp.com and we can strategize together!

This post was written by Allie Cooper. Thank you, Allie, for putting together a thoughtful piece on data, design, and trade shows. Three of our favorite things! If you’re interested in writing a guest post for our blog, let us know.

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