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Doing whatever it takes to help your trade show program succeed


From design and build to tracking shipments and supervising installation, see how our team makes magic happen on the trade show floor. It’s simple, really – at the end of the day, we do whatever it takes to help your trade show program succeed.

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A museum display at the Art Institute of Chicago

National Shows

Supporting our clients at national shows (20×20 booths and larger) is the bread and butter of what we do. Here are the five phases of our process and how our team supports clients every step of the way:

Get Started

Project Initiation

  • Hold kick-off meeting and confirm goals and objectives
  • Discuss any graphic updates or necessary adjustments
  • Review exhibitor services kit and assess show rules and regulations

Scope Development

  • Design exhibit (if needed)
  • Provide proposals for modifications, rentals, and show services
  • Hold internal kick-off meeting with client support team and department heads
  • Send project timeline with key deadlines

Pre-Show Planning

  • Create layouts and drawings
  • Order show services, logistics, and labor
  • Hold meetings with trades and unions to ensure smooth install and dismantle
  • Update content/graphics provided by client
  • Prepare to ship collateral/literature provided by client
  • Hold internal meetings to plan for installation

Show Site Support

  • Track all shipments to confirm timely arrival to show site
  • Supervise on-site installation and service providers
  • Ensure quality control and billing accuracy by reconciling labor tickets and invoices
  • Walk through booth with client before the show for any final adjustments
  • Hold a post-show meeting to discuss shipments and special instructions
  • Dismantle, pack, and complete all outbound shipping forms

Post-Show Assistance

  • Track all inbound shipments
  • Reconcile all financials for accurate post-show billing
  • Challenge vendors for mischarges and process refunds
  • Handle in, inspect, and store all booth properties
  • Send post-show survey for feedback

Regional Shows

If your trade show program also includes regional shows or booth spaces smaller than 20×20, our team can provide scalable support. Here’s how we support our clients at smaller-scale shows:

Get Started

Show Preparation

  • Receive event request/show schedule
  • Confirm scope of work and services
  • Send proposal for approval
  • Internally create pull and prep request
  • Contract shipping agency and complete BOL paperwork

Shipping & Support

  • Confirm and order needed show services
  • Pull and prepare regional booth assets
  • Notify field service supervisor of any needs or concerns
  • Create round-trip shipping labels and packing list
  • Create on-site outbound shipping form for dismantle team

Post-Show Assistance

  • Handle in and inspect all shipments and properties
  • Notify field service supervisor about any inbound concerns
  • Return trade show properties to storage
  • Reconcile invoices
  • Send final invoice to field service supervisor 30 days post show