The 10 Coolest Things We Produced in 2015

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2015 brought in a lot of new and exciting opportunities for our team. We were challenged in terms of design, engineering, and tech, but we were able to come up with some pretty cool solutions for our clients. Here are 10 of the coolest things we produced in 2015:



Interface: Beautiful Thinkers App


In creating Interface’s NeoCon showroom, we also worked on the development of their Virtual Reality app: “Interface: Beautiful Thinkers.” The App absorbed attendees from the crowded NeoCon floor into the four locations of their showroom that helped tell the Biophillic story of the Interface Brand. The app could then be downloaded via the Google and Apple app stores and viewed without a VR viewer, or through a custom printed Google cardboard viewer that was distributed at NeoCon. Working with some of the hottest tech, to showcase an incredibly green project was very very cool.

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Herman Miller Showroom


Understanding who Herman Miller is, and having the opportunity to work with the brand is cool in itself. Helping create their presence at their premier event by basically re-doing their entire showroom in a wood that matched the Eames’ house in LA takes it to another level. The attention to detail and visual impact were hard to miss with this outstanding use of space. Even cooler was the Virtual Tour they created to allow anyone to experience the space we helped create.




Mohawk plexiglass panels – Unique Fabrication


This element of the Mohawk showroom designed by Leap Communications caught your eye. The panel is comprised of over 300 pieces of painted natural birch that appear to be completely floating in space Even taking a very close look at the panels won’t show how it was created, the only way to notice was trying to fit your finger through a gap, where you would touch the clear plexiglass that tied the entire 5′ wide x 10′ tall panels together. The work done by our CNC and carpenters on this was definitely exhaustive, but definitely worth the details.




Haribo Gummy Bear Wall


Haribo challenged us to showcase their Golden Bears at the Sweets and Snacks Expo. Our designers saw the options and thought, “we can do better.” So, using 60 – 10′ tall clear acrylic tubes, we created a 10′ wide wall of real gummy bears. Then, for good measure, we backlit the entire wall and placed a 3D Golden Bear in front. This element triggered selfies by the hundreds in front of the wall, making a statement about the mass quantity of bears, which created a marketable element of the exhibit.




Varian Blade Architecture


Varian’s exhibit at RSNA was designed as a canvas to showcase their unique product line and offerings and hold numerous private meetings in extremely high-end conference rooms. Let’s just say these conference rooms were the best ones we’ve ever designed. The thing that brought it all together, though, was the overhead signage. Using their brand standards as a basis, the white exterior framed the linear banners to create an immense overhead pop in a very clean exhibit.




Patcraft benches – Lighting the floor


Design is in the details, and for Patcraft, the details are in the floor. Considering Patcraft is a carpet company, displaying their carpet beautifully is of utmost importance in their showroom. In order to minimize unwarranted shadows, we added custom LED lighting around the underside of the two corian benches. This not only helped to create even lighting, but also created a cool architectural effect on the floor, which showcased the finish of both the LVT flooring and the metal flecked carpeting.




Xfinity Zone X1 Wall


Angled architectural panels are tough to build, tough to imagine, and tough to make. This project took that to an extreme. This X1 wall design by GMR Marketing was cool, and our fabrication skill made this seamless interactive wall a reality. And the pierce-cut acrylic logo, lightboxes, and X1 entertainment system make this wall hard to look away from.

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Nike “Just Do It” Wall


Working closely with Nike’s project and design team, we supplied samples of various graphic application techniques and samples of paint colors to help them clarify all elements of this design for their Running CE store near Boston. Once finalized, we produced their “Just Do It” slogan collage at approximately 12’ tall x 80’ wide via friskett applications and paint.




Draft Ops Fantasy Lounge


Designing elements that go into stadiums is a lot of fun. This one was really excellent as it involved taking what was essentially a huge storage space, and turning it into a rustic high-end fantasy lounge within the Verizon center. The space is now decked out in laser etched barrels, fully built out bar, backlit Washington DC graphics around a glass encased elevator shaft, oversized wall graphics and lounge furniture to feel like an industrial location. Some elements from every aspect of our business that came together to create a great fantasy lounge.




Ferrara Candy Lighting


This exhibit at NACS literally shined. The lighting in the space was created using direct lighting and overhead lighting to delineate brands while highlighting product. Overhead lights were gelled with complimentary colors (pink, purple, yellow and green) and illuminated the floor below. Direct white lighting within the cases used high-powered lensed LED’s to create even lighting on product towers that were 8′ tall. Lighting matters, and its effect has a huge influence on the actions of attendees.


We have no doubts that 2016 will bring us plenty of opportunities to challenge what is possible and bring our clients ideas to life. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates on our latest projects.

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