Breaking the Mold: Designing an Inviting Space for Intelerad at RSNA 2021

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The Client

Intelerad Medical Systems offers a sophisticated platform for medical imaging solutions. Their platform allows medical professionals to store, retrieve, and route imagery for a variety of fields with ease.

The Challenge

Many of the booths at RSNA are packed with complex medical machinery that looks cold and uninviting. Intelerad needed an approachable exhibit that would invite visitors in and stand out from the crowd. Their main goal was to hold meetings in their exhibit and get to know their potential customers better.

The Inspiration

While RSNA took place in Chicago, our exhibit was actually inspired by a nature park on the other side of the globe – Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. We were captivated by the structures there and imitated their cozy shape with a tree-like canopy hanging over the exhibit.

The Experience

We designed and built a custom 50’ x 70’ exhibit that provided both engaging public spaces and welcoming private spaces for Intelerad to hold meetings. Every detail from the warm colors to the comfortable seating was designed to make visitors stick around and chat with Intelerad’s representatives.

The wood and warm tones of the exhibit were a stark contrast to the sea of white exhibits that filled the trade show floor. While other booths featured giant pieces of intimidating machinery, Intelerad’s exhibit looked more like something out of a home design magazine. Amid the rest of the show floor hub, the space was the perfect place to sit down and stay a while.

In addition to the physical exhibit, we wanted to create an engaging hybrid experience for those who couldn’t attend the show in person. We built a camera into the overhead hanging signage to record the theater sessions for future use.

The Team

Our exhibits would be nothing without our hardworking team. On this project, we’d like to give two shoutouts in particular:

  • Shannon Dunne, our Director of Account Management, kept us not just on time but ahead of schedule (and on budget!) throughout the installation process.
  • Johnny Warzala, our Field Service Supervisor, kept our crew focused and moving forward to get the job done.

The Results

Intelerad’s main goal was to make visitors comfortable enough to sit down and learn more about what they do. Without a doubt, they succeeded, completing over 260 meetings and capturing over 600 leads during their four days at RSNA. In fact, these leads accounted for 135% of their sales pipeline goal!

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