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Details make the difference: The importance of great design in trade show success.

Faced with the opportunity presented by 40,000+ attendees at The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2023 conference, you can bet exhibitors were putting their best foot forward in every facet of their endeavors. 

In this four-part series featuring select exhibitors from the conference, we’ve talked about several important aspects of their show program. 

In part 1, we covered the Why. Why are these exhibitors showing up at RSNA? We reinforced our beliefs when exhibitors told us that gathering leads is important, but building and strengthening relationships is the name of the game. 

Part 2 was about the Who. We all know RSNA is full of radiologists, but who within that audience is the niche within the larger group? 

And in the most recent post, interviewees discussed the What. What is the ideal attendee flow through the exhibits and what were they doing to make that happen? 

In the final installment of our RSNA series, our exhibitors talked with EDE’s Jay Menashe about what our readers really want to see – the designs. More specifically, what stood out for them? From minor adjustments to a video wall complete with an impactful photo campaign, it’s easy to see that design matters. 

Do you have a favorite design element in your space?


Enlitic Trade Show Booth

Enlitic VP of Marketing Dave Wilson is proud of their booth’s round pods (they were his design idea, after all) and the way they stood out. “The whole concept was to make it feel open, but not so open that when no one was there it looked empty,” he says. “We also wanted to match that with good flow and we accomplished both. 

“Visibility is important, so you want something at eye level, something a little higher, and something visible from afar. So the kiosk is ground level, the pods are higher, and we have an LED screen big and bright in the sky.”

EDE team members are big fans of the 12-16 foot level. That’s because it’s such a prime height visually for messaging instead of just dead space. And it’s usually where exhibitors miss out.

TerraRecon Event Manager Shannon Runyon focused on their demo for getting doctors familiar with using the company’s software. One important detail was lowering the monitor down to eye level at the show to mimic how physicians would experience it every day “…so they’re not breaking their necks.”


Konica-Minolta Trade Show Booth

For Konica-Minolta, it was the little things that made the difference, according to Senior Strategic Marketing Manager – Digital Radiology Guillermo Sander. “We changed some angles so it feels more spacious and added more room, changed lighting, and featured a logo with lighting up top,” he says. “Just little upgrades that add another level of value. We want to keep people moving as well as getting them to linger longer.”

4D Medical

4D Medical Trade Show Booth

4D Medical’s video wall was the best of the show for Michelle Martinez, Sr. Director of Marketing. “We worked with veterans who are excited about our tech and about helping other vets who are suffering from the same conditions,” she explained. “They were photographed in their hometowns holding their lungs in their hands. In their faces and expressions, you see a journey. And being able to put that up there in a large format for people to see as they walk by has been incredibly fulfilling for me. When you have the opportunity to create messaging like that it means so much to everybody!”


Amrad Tower Display Booth

Amrad Regional Sales Manager Kevin Lucas loves the tower displays in their booth. “The towers create a distinct sense of focus.”

Merative Head of Marketing Jim Young sees every design element that leans into the company’s Merge branding as his favorite. “The Merge brand represents so much, both around our history of imaging leadership over the last 30 years and the innovation we continue to bring to imaging organizations as we partner with them on their transformation journeys. If they can leave our booth with a better understanding of how we will support them, then the design has done its job.”


DocPanel "Zen environment" Trade Show Booth

DocPanel Content Marketing Manager Stephanie Hernandez is all about the impact of their booth’s environment on visitors. “We wanted it to feel very Zen; a calm and peaceful space with color and plants to reinforce the overall vibe and feel,” she commented. 

With more than 40,000 visitors, the RSNA conference was a huge opportunity for connecting exhibitors face-to-face with their target audiences. From what we’ve observed in this series, including clear-cut objectives, precision targeting, and understanding the importance of design and flow, our participants came prepared!

EDE is all about design and the way design can help companies meet their goals. But we don’t stop with design; our team of experts can help guide trade show program development from initial concept to successful execution. Visit our Knowledge Hub for valuable insights into everything trade shows, including the important role great design can play in your success.

Is your trade show exhibit missing a critical design element that will win eyes, hearts, and checkbooks? Let’s talk about all the ways we can help.


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