What You Missed at IDDBA 2022: Industry Insights from EDE

Industry Insights and Trends

After two years of canceled shows, it was great to be back on the floor at IDDBA 2022 at the Georgia World Congress Center! While the show wasn’t as large as in years past, the International Deli, Dairy, and Bakery Association put on a great event with some fantastic exhibits.

Best of Show

After spending some time on the show floor, here are our team’s honorary awards for the best exhibits and experiences at IDDBA 2022.

Hormel's exhibit at IDDBA 2022.

Best Exhibit – Hormel

Our honorary “best of show” award goes to Hormel for their eye-catching exhibit. Their space featured bright, dimensional letters, beautiful lifestyle graphics, engaging staff, and a thoughtful layout.

The interior of their IDDBA 2022 exhibit featured large tables full of charcuterie and truly felt like you were at a party or function, not just on a trade show floor. There was also a VIP lounge area with seating and a bar. 

Dietz's & Watson's creative hanging sign on the trade show floor.

Best Hanging Sign – Dietz & Watson

We loved this larger-than-life hanging sign from Dietz & Watson featuring their Dietz Nuts Meat Bites. Several exhibitors experimented with hanging products but Dietz & Watson was the only one that we felt nailed the idea and the execution.

While the sign was the star of the show, we also enjoyed the rest of the exhibit’s structure and architecture. And, the delicious “delishop” at the back of their booth kept us coming back for more!

Tami and the Pillsbury doughboy; a case of bakery treats from Pillsbury.

Best Experience – General Mills: Pillsbury

Sure, mascots can be cheesy, but there’s no denying it – the Pillsbury doughboy is an icon. Whether you like mascots or not, people were lining up to take pictures with him across the floor at IDDBA 2022 (including our VP of New Business Development, Tami Draper).

General Mills also had a beautiful case of bakery goods that made our mouths water. We used to see far more displays like this each year at IDDBA but the trend has waned, making this case stand out even more.

Fujisan's ice sculpture where they served sushi at IDDBA 2022.

Honorable Mention – Fujisan

Ice sculptures used to be a tried and true staple on the trade show floor – but they’ve fallen out of popularity in recent years. Fujisan brought back the ice sculpture in a way that was just unexpected enough to stand out. And, we loved the use of ice as a serving surface for their delicious sushi – no food safety concerns here!

Anthony & Sons' exhibit featured red, white, and green tube lights to honor their Italian roots.

Honorable Mention – Anthony & Sons

Anthony & Sons was one of the few exhibits we saw that used any sort of decorative lighting. Their simple tube lights were straightforward in design but still made an impact.

Harlan Bakeries' exhibit at IDDBA.

Honorable Mention – Harlan Bakeries

Harlan Bakeries also receives an honorable mention for their open and inviting exhibit. Their hanging sign brought them great visibility on the floor and we liked the overall architecture of the space. We also liked their use of textures, especially the contrast of the natural and glossy brick finishes.

Sigma's booth at IDDBA had a great presence on the trade show floor.

Honorable Mention – Sigma

We loved the presence of Sigma’s exhibit, with a towering red structure that was easy to see from afar. The unexpected use of corrugated tin was also a nice touch.

IDDBA 2022: In Review

It was so great to return to the IDDBA floor this year. Many of the exhibits this year were simple and straightforward, a theme we’re seeing at many trade shows that have missed out on two years of exhibiting. We can’t wait to watch the show grow and see what the exhibitors have in store for next year!

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