3 for 3. 3 Platforms for Ridler Winners

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We’ve built 3 customized car platforms in the past several years, funny thing is each has won the top prize in custom hot rods

We are very proud and happy to have been a very very small part of the display for 3 Ridler Award winning show cars. As automotive enthusiasts, we love the challenge of creating a platform that is a custom extension of the works of art created by true coach builders.

The following are pictures of those 3 platforms that were engineered and built by EDE.


2016 – Billy & Debbie Thomas’ 1939 Oldsmobile Model 60




2009 – Douglas Cooper’s 32 Ford B-400

Doug Cooper



2007 – Ross & Beth Myers’ 36 Ford



So we are looking for our 4th entry, if any of the 2017 or 18 contenders want to team up!!!

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