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How an Experiential Trade Show Booth Uses Your Senses to Draw Attendees

Hyster came to EDE to create a trade show booth to expand awareness of their offerings in a fun and memorable way.

Our insight was to create an experiential trade show booth that looked like a working warehouse. Each part of the exhibit was meant to explain a specific service or capability, but in a way attendees wouldn’t expect!

Hyster Logo
Hyster trade show booth with VR display

Using Gamification and Virtual Reality (VR) to Test Your Forklift Driving Skills

Who doesn’t want to drive a fork lift? Well, that’s not exactly the safest thing to do on a show floor, so the next best thing was a VR simulation. The goal was to drive the truck around and lift the imaginary pallet onto a pallet rack. There was a TV placed on the racking system to make it look like it was actually being put on the rack. It’s always a win when you can create an experiential trade show booth at a machine show.

Hyster trade show booth

Our truck is bigger than your truck!

One area that Hyster stands out is with their high capacity forklift trucks. These trucks can move entire freightliners off boats and onto trucks. To make it feel like a real-life scenario, we propped out the area and created a vignette to bring it to life by looking and feeling like an actual dock.

Do you know how heavy that log is?

Engineering for economy – do you know how much a real log weighs? They can be as heavy as 5 tons. Do you know what means in material handling fees? Half your budget!

With logging being an important specialty area for Hyster we couldn’t simply ignore these heavy materials. Rather than bring in the real thing, we supplied lightweight logging props to give it the feel it needed but saving the money on material handling, and making their trade show booth pop that much more!

The Art of Logging!

The last area of the space tapped into attendees senses near and far. We brought in a chainsaw artist to carve up sassafras! If you know anything about sassafras (who doesn’t?!), you know it is recognized for its aromatic scents. Creating a fragrance memorable enough to be described long after attendees head home. Similar to bringing in a popcorn maker or baking cookies, the scent brought attendees directly to Hyster!

Unexpected fun – Our competitive chainsaw artist was so good that with all the extra time, he made dozens of sculptures that were later raffled off as giveaways.

Creating an experiential trade show booth is more than just fun and games.

It ensures your trade show booth is memorable and drives the results you need. Hyster drove away with huge success in every meaningful way. They were able to expand client knowledge across industries and drive awareness of their offerings including technology, training, service, and selling trucks!

Hyster trade show booth

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