Plan for the Return of Large Trade Shows: Stretching Your Exhibit Budget

Trade shows are rebounding, but how’s your budget looking?

As events see the light at the end of a pandemic tunnel, start to expect a flurry of in-person activity this fall.

Like many companies, you may find yourself having to plan for the return of large trade shows on a much smaller budget. Not to mention as show organizers rush to rebook, some of the events you have traditionally attended might overlap.

Don’t panic. Stop and take a deep breath. You can – no, you will – make this work!

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4 Ways to Keep Your Exhibit Fresh on a Budget

For a number of reasons it may not be the best time for a new trade show exhibit build. You may feel your existing properties are looking worn or additional parts and pieces may have clouded your message over the years. This is a problem many companies face and they wonder how they can reinvent their trade show exhibits. We put together a list of cost effective ways to keep your exhibit fresh with your annual budget in mind. Continue reading