EDE Helps Achieve Leed Certification

Green Building leed

Working with Patcraft and the designers at Soloflight Design, EDE specified materials and constructed the newly LEED certified showroom space.

Here’s the showroom:

show_03 show_07 show_09 show_11 show_14


Click here for more information on the U.S. Green Building Council LEED Certification.

One comment on “EDE Helps Achieve Leed Certification

  1. Azamat says:

    It’s done both harm and good.The question is: which is grateer? Greater Harm or Greater Good. I think it’s done grateer good than harm. There are two sides though.I think it has helped to popularize the idea of sustainability. The harm is that now people think it’s almost done. Look, I build a certified building . Great, it’s still a terrible piece of architecture that does harm to the environment.There are a number of steps the USGBC could take to make it better. Remove the qualifiers from being a LEED AP. Up the anti on what is green. Raise the bar. Lower the cost to validate the building. Reevaluate your point system. Some changes are not equal to others. Start funding these buildings for up front construction costs. Start teaching some college classes to students. Contact building owners / facility managers to educate them on the long term cost savings. Work with Congress to remove the motivation for 5 year ROI’s. They don’t make sense in a long term building climate. Start working with climate scientists to put metrics to the point system. Create software analysis tools to help aid in design ..Just my rant .

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